Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A New Review of Quivering Daughters by Midwest Christian Outreach

The new book review, Quivering Daughters Shakes Roots of Un-Biblical Patriarchy, appears in the Spring 2011 installment of the MCO Journal (Volume 17, No. 1).

From the Summary by E. Stephen Burnett:

Christians intent on finding Biblical foundations for male/female and husband/wife roles and avoiding junk to either extremeof previous “church-ianity” strains—evangelical feminism or chauvinism—will find QD [Quivering Daughters] a solid place to start.

So far, while many popular and Gospel-centric Christian leaders speak out against feminism’s wrongs, I have not yet seen much about lurking “Biblical” chauvinism that is just as prevalent in other circles.

But as the bad fruits from patriarchal, Gospel-neglecting leaders and families become more evident, I’m confident more Christian authors, bloggers, and teachers will add more books and research to the discussion. Perhaps, best of all, Christians, who want to follow Biblical roles for God’s glory and teach their own children these truths, will become more aware of the wrong leaders and teachings that are still out there; and they will seek Biblical balance in their families.

Read the entire review HERE.