Monday, April 18, 2011

Blog Talk Radio Archives for Jocelyn Anderson's Show Now on iTunes!

Now you can download all previous episodes of Jocelyn Andersen's Blog Talk Radio (BTR) episodes on to your iPod, mp3 or your desktop for more convenient listening.  Just search for "Jocelyn Andersen" under Podcasts through your iTunes window on your PC.

All previous episodes can be heard on demand at the BTR site, but the iTunes option allows you to keep a downloaded copy of the episode.  BTR recently dropped that option from their site.

Don't miss the latest episode concerning Helplessness, Bounded Choice and Life at Hephzibah House, or link to listen directly on BTR.

And be sure to listen to the interview with Jon Zens, special consultant to the Freedom for Christian Women Coalition, as he discusses his new book about manipulation and control of young women in the homeschooling movement on May7th.