Friday, October 1, 2010

True Woman 2010: Videos All of Its Supporters Should See!

Complementarianism tells us that the idea of women teachers and women in Christian ministry came out of the secular feminist movement.  They tell us that it is connected to and will always degrade into lesbianism.  I've never heard such ridiculous ideas!  There are some instances where this has taken place, but contrary to what the True Woman 2010 Conference promotes, the church has a long, rich history of promoting women in ministry.

I've posted one of these videos here recently, but I'd like to draw attention to it again (as well as another one) in order to make sure that these truths do not get missed for those who are ignorant of them.  Many sectors of the Church and many denominations have utterly rejected the concepts that complementarianism promotes as part of their own history, ideas that complementarianism claims are the only legitimate interpretations of the Word of God.

In this previous post, I talk about the Moravians and my own history within the Assemblies of God.  And what of the Catholic tradition, full of women who administrated all sorts of ministries to all genders, with women teaching and directing men?  I would like to add to these examples Jocelyn Andersen's presentation at the Seneca Falls 2 Convention and direct the reader here to more such history in her book, Woman this is War!  Gender, Slavery and the Evangelical Caste System.

Learn more at the Freedom for Christian Women Coalition Website!