Sunday, May 17, 2009

An Update on New Posts at "Not Under Bondage"

The Not Under Bondage website has new links and resources which you might find useful. I have been blessed with a marriage that has had it's share of problems, but I have not had experience with abuse, adultery or overt desertion. I defer to Danni Moss and her site and now to Barbara Roberts for their help and wisdom related to these matters. I'd also like to note Breakpoint's recent honest though disturbing report on domestic abuse in Christian marriage as well.

From an email update from
Not Under Bondage:

"Not Under Bondage:
Biblical Divorce for Abuse, Adultery and Desertion,"
a book by Barbara Roberts

On the resources page there are three new Stories by Survivors, all dealing with marriages where the abuser reformed:
- Bruce and Karen McAndless-Davis
- Joel and Kathy Davisson
- Paul Hegstrom

On the resources page there are three new articles:
- Bob Kerry "What forgiveness is, and what it isn't"
- Jeff Olsen "The difference between normal marital conflict and marital abuse"
- Jeff Olsen "Can the abusive spouse be the wife?"

There are also new items on the website's Links page.
- Mending the Soul Ministries
- When Love Hurts video series by RBC
- Abuse in the Parsonage
- The Macho Paradox:Why Some Men Hurt Women and How All Men can Help (book review)
- Life Skills International / Paul Hegstrom