Friday, April 3, 2009

Under Much Grace Plans and Housekeeping

My plans for upcoming posts include finishing a walk through the topics in James Sire's 1980 book "Scripture Twisting" for a review of standard ways that cults and Christians misinterpret the Bible, sometimes intentionally and sometimes just through ignorance.

In a week or two, Dr. Margaret Jones will be stopping by here on her book tour for her work, "Not of My Making." (I may even consider opening up commentary, as she has much experience with the Matthew 18 process.)

I plan to review Doug and Wendy Duncan's recent radio interview discussing spiritual abuse (see below). In addition, I would like to take some sections out of Wendy's book at some point and feature them here, too. And when I finish these tasks, I would like to go through my impressions about Kathryn Joyce's "Quiverfull" book which I have found to be slow going thus far. It is well-written, but I get stuck on some errors in the material and the secular perspective that does not do justice to a balanced Christian perspective, presenting only an unbalanced view of some important Christian concepts.

By that time, Wade Burleson's book should be out and available, another topic I'd like to feature, discussing his experiences dealing with the authoritarianism and politically correct behavior as dictated by the International Missions Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. And also on my list, I've still got the Henry Reyenga book on family discipleship and evangelism, sitting on my to be read shelf with Sande's "Peacemaker" and Andy Stanley's book on "visioneering." I've read them once through, but they deserve some closer attention and some blog discussion. Then there's that new Norm Shepherd book, debating the ongoing dilemmas of interpretation of "making our election sure," the relationship between works and faith and how different theologians have tried to articulate what that means for Christians in their daily walks. That should take me through until August, right?

But for the next week or two, I'm taking a bit of a break to to some literal housekeeping! I also am in the process of moving all material that is posted on the site over to a blogger site after repeated problems with the server that hosts the site. So I will be devoting less time to discussions online in order to do what is essentially housekeeping both on and offline. I've also noticed that several graphics that I've posted here in the past have disappeared, so I have this matter to look into as well.

In the meanwhile, there are plenty of places to read and participate in some interesting discussions.

Taunya Henderson has started a series on the raising of daughters from what I gather is a medium to hard complementarian view.

You can listen to the Duncan interview online HERE.

Wade Burleson is ramping up for the release of his book with related posts on his blog and has promised us several more posts on spiritual abuse.

John Holtzmann
(co-owner of Sonlight Curriculum) is working his way through the CHEC audio from the Men's Leadership Summit 2009. Read Parts I and Parts II, and check for continuing installments.

Thatmom Karen Campbell just finished a series with the Moore Academy's Ellen Dana and is starting a series of interviews with Dr. Raymond and Mrs. Dorothy Moore's daughter Kathie Kordenbrock about homeschooling, the Moore Formula and here experiences as a homeschooling mom. There's even a contest to win for commenting on the upcoming podcasts. Her "Grace in Parenting" series is also very good, and I am waiting for future installments in this ongoing series.

Cheryl Schatz has posted some thought-provoking entries on how the Apostle Paul might perceive modern discussions about gender.

And we also have the some new and ongoing activity on many other blogs, some new and some old, as women work their way through some of the difficulties they have experienced as a result of contending with spiritually abusive mindsets. The "No Longer Quivering" site breaks my heart.
  • Taliban Rising
  • White Washed Feminists
  • Quivering Daughters
  • No Longer Quivering (a couple of moms who threw in the towel on the Quiverfull movement and apparently Jesus, something I hear talked about but many are yet afraid to voice their opinions about their disillusionment with the ideology. I've also talked to many Protestants who want to go back to Catholicism because it is easier and there is less that is demanded of them. The rules don't change as often and there are no new hoops through which to jump to find themselves acceptable.)