Saturday, December 13, 2008

More on Church-Speak and Loaded Language

It has been awhile since I last referenced this list of equivocal terms on the Battered Sheep website. I'm surprised that I have not linked to it from my last few posts that discuss the multiple meanings of terminology and how the application of these terms conveys multiple meanings that are used to exploit the members of manipulative groups.

"What Language Does Your Church Speak?"
could be expanded, and perhaps those who have survived patriarchy, patriocentricity and Bill Gothard's version of the Shepherding/Discipleship submission teachings should develop our own list of patrio-speak terms. This list shares many common terms and applications used within those groups and systems and gives us a good place to start.

In fact, after looking over the list, if anyone feels so compelled and would like to contribute, send me an email. I may think about developing a running list.

Bill Newcomer notes in the article that:

Please read this first: This list is a compilation of words and phrases used by abusive churches and religious groups. Please note that this list is not about how these words and phrases may be properly used, but it is about how these words and phrases are misused by abusers to manipulate and control in an un-Biblical manner. How does your church or group use these words and phrases?
I want to acknowledge the many contributions to this list that have came from other spiritual abuse survivors, especially those at the Spiritual Abuse Forum at Spiritual Abuse Recovery Resources.

Please read, commisurate, get validation, process your own frustration as you problem-solve, and perhaps enjoy the full article HERE at the Battered Sheep website.