Saturday, September 27, 2008

"Stand For Family and Save the Nation"

Watch this film produced by one of the many organizations operated by Reverend Moon.

I would like you to ask yourselves how different this message is from the family-centered message of the so-called Biblical patriarchy movement. Moon does not preach Christ crucified, but how much of the same subject material do many gender obsessed Christians preach? The basic message seems the same to me: restoration of the family will save our nation and our churches and ourselves. But this is not the preaching of Christ and Him crucified.

From the Unification Church's description of this video:

The Family is the 1st institution created by God. The Family is the school of love where life's most important lessons are learned. Based on this understanding, the American Clergy Leadership Conference, an organization inspired by Reverend Sun Myung Moon, led a movement to rebuild the family in order to save the nation and the world.

How different is this message from what we hear from many evangelical Christian ministries that focus on the family?