Wednesday, July 2, 2008

"thatmom" on Raising Homeschooled Girls (an adjunct to the "Botkin Syndrome" series)

Karen Campbell, (aka "thatmom" who hosts a website with real encouragement for real homeschooling moms) has started a series on Raisng Homeschooled Girls.

Even if you're not a mom, please check in on her site. Her posts and the discussion that follows there compliments some of the discussion here concerning "Botkin Syndrome" which is promoted by the patriocentric paradigms. (The response to this series that I have just begun to present here is overwhelming!)

Though Karen and I both started blogging about these related topics for different reasons, it is amazing to me to see how complementary they really are to one another. Her first post on this was deeply moving for me and I look forward to the rest of them.

Please also take note of the "Relationship Homeschooler" graphic here, and please click on it to visit Karen's site to read about "putting love into action." Those who do not follow the patriocentric/patriarchy model for homeschooling and raising children have been labeled in some inaccurate and unflattering ways as a contrast against the patriocentric "movement homeschoolers" per RC Sproul, Jr. Karen drew her own contrast in response to this, placing "relationship homeschooling" at the opposite end of the Evangelical Christian homeschooling continuum from the "movement" group. If you do homeschool, please visit Karen's blog and read more about her "vision" for homeschooling.

I was deeply moved by Karen's second post in this series where she refers to this song by Jon McLaughlin. It had such a better message than the song by Janis Ian that I remember from my earlier days, a song also once mentioned by James Dobson (many years ago) as an example of the despair that young girls often experience. I offer them both to you here, preferring the McLaughlin song but also remembering how accurate Ian's song is as well. How blessed we are that we are offered grace, forgiveness and new life in Jesus Christ!

NOTE: For those of you who are not familiar with this song by Janis Ian, there are other versions of it with better audio on YouTube. I wanted to display this one, however, because she speaks a bit about the experiences that prompted the writing of "At Seventeen."