Friday, July 25, 2008

About the New Mannerbund of Patriocentricity

From Taliban Rising's "Real Men: Married to the Brotherhood":

The more I read the writings of Christian and “Catholic” Patriocentrists, the more I am convinced that the entire “search for Biblical Headship or Normative Gender Roles,” is simply a manipulative tool for social engineering...

The headmaster of a private boys school was heard telling parents at a Basketball game, “We must get these boys away from their mothers!” There is a growing push to send boys away from their homes to boys’ schools where they will not be “infected by the feminizing influence of their mothers.” (It’s interesting that sending your boys away to school also removes them from the influence of the father.)

Now the newest trend in the Mannerbund movement is the encouragement of “Male Friendships.” This is the next step in establishing the spirit of the Mannerbund. The first stage of the movement was to convince women that the “Biblical, normative” behavior of a true Christian women was to relinquish her place in the “world,” even if she did not have children, and remain in her home or occupied exclusively with matters domestic. (What one “Catholic” Patriarchial genius calls the “delegated domain proper to women!”)...

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