Monday, June 23, 2008

Types of Trauma: Thoughts on Love Addiction and Love Avoidance

Part III:
From the writings of Pia Mellody on Love Addiction and Love Avoidance (the dynamics of non-sexual incest)

Trauma Descriptions

Enmeshment Trauma

  1. Physical: (Use of implement s, face slapping, hair pulling, having a child physically nurture a parent and intrusive procedures.)
  2. Physical SEXUAL: (Sex acts, sexual touching, sexual kissing and hugging, voyerism, exhibitionism, verbal sexual trauma, failure to have sexual boundary in the presence of a child, and child as a witness to sexual trauma.)
  3. Emotional SEXUAL: (Involving emotional enmeshment by the parent or major caregiver.)
  4. Intellectual: (Attacks to the shaming of or over control of the child's expression of thought)
  5. Emotional: (Shaming of a child's expression of emotion. Refusal to let child express feelings or improper expression of feelings by the parent or major caregiver.)
  6. Spiritual: (Religious addiction of the parent or major caregiver, trauma at the hands of a religious caregiver, parent acting like he/she is a god or goddess of the family, indulgence or false empowerment of the child, and moral perfection and obedience demanded from the child.)

Abandonment Trauma

Failure to provide adequate:
  • food, clothing and/or shelter
  • physical nurturing
  • emotional nurturing
  • sexual information
  • medical/dental care
  • financial support or information
  • education
  • spiritual nurturing

I have taken all of this material and that which I will present from Pia Mellody's writings and lectures, and my professional training with "The Meadows" treatment facility. This is all her her copyrighted work that I am citing here for educational purposes only!!!