Wednesday, April 9, 2008

More on an Hierarchical View of Trinity

From a comment by Cheryl Schatz of MM Outreach regarding her research on a video regarding different teachings about the Trinity:

"It has also been an extremely emotional experience for me as I have documented the hierarchical belief that teaches that Jesus possesses less authority than the Father in the Trinity. The sound bytes that I have been collecting have really done a number on me as hearing my Lord Jesus downgraded to an eternally submissive being who does not answer prayer, who does not use ever use his own will in his actions and who must be commanded to obey the Father from eternity past to eternity future has been extremely hard for me to bear.

For those who get the finished DVD on the Trinity and hear the amazing audio clips, will only get a glimpse at what emotional abuse I have had to endure listening to our Savior downgraded and dishonored. Honestly at times this past week I didn’t know how I could go on. It has been devastating to me. But God is granting me grace day by day to keep at it so that this aberration will be exposed. If I am missing in action until the end of April this is why.
If any of you reading this could also remember me in prayer, I would be very grateful. This is been as devastating to me personally as much if not more so than my research project on women in ministry. The words spoken against the Lord Jesus have cut me deep to the very foundation of my soul. It has made me hurt and angry and depressed. I pray that the Lord himself will help me to make it past this very painful time so that I can get the message out. Jesus needs to be honored and lifted high because this is how we honor the Father. Those who do not give equal honor to Jesus are not giving full honor to the Father. There is great saddness in my heart over this matter."