Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Entire Video of the Patriarchy Workshop and Downloadable Powerpoint ~ Now Online

The Development and Practice of Patriarchy from Under Much Grace on Vimeo.


The short version of this post:
The entire and original patriarchy video workshop
is now hosted on Vimeo.
(1 hour, 100MB)


You may view the video in segments
on YouTube's Patriocentricity Channel.
(series of video segments of 10 min or less)


  • View handouts and other related information online HERE
  • Download handouts and other information HERE
  • View the powerpoint presentation HERE

Nearly a year has elapsed since the workshop presentation of "The Development and Practice of Patriarchy: Cure for Cultural Decline or New Gnostic Disease." I was invited to lecture on this topic at an apologetics organization's March 2008 annual conference, held at a Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) seminary that is not formally affiliated with the apologetics organization itself, but the seminary president did serve on the board for the apologetics group. In the lecture, I cited the questionable teachings of professors at a sister SBC seminary which created a great deal of controversy. When the video of the workshop lecture went online on YouTube, I assume that the sister seminary became quite inflamed and insisted that it be removed. I refused to take down the video or alter its contents, but I did agree to remove the name of the counter cult group that conducted the conference as well as the name of the seminary who provided the facilities for the conference from my site and from the video.

I assume that those Southern Baptist professors who were so offended (or those offended on their behalf) thought that I would disappear into the woodwork. Unfortunately for them, the incident caught the attention of a certain Southern Baptist minister in Oklahoma who also opposes these disturbing trends at work in the SBC. He covered the incident on his blog, Ethics Daily reported on the incident and the SBC's behavior was also noted in elsewhere in the media. These reports publicized the name of the apologetics organization as well as the seminary that hosted the conference. In November, SBC pastor Voddie Baucham also named me twice on his blog in association with the seminary.

I have thus reposted the original video online on the Vimeo service, a version that names of the counter cult group and the seminary that hosted their March 2008 conference. (Spiritwatch Ministries changed servers and can no longer host the entire, uncut video.) It seems a bit pointless to me to try to obscure these names of these organizations at this point.

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From previous April 08 entry:

I cannot begin to thank Raphael Martinez for his many labors of love and help with this endeavor. They already devote so much precious time to ministry to those who experienced spiritual abuse in the Remnant Fellowship in particular, so I am just blessed and undone by their sacrifice and efforts to prepare this video. I am so grateful to them both for devoting their bandwidth on their website in order to support the viewing of the whole video. What a great blessing and I pray that the Lord rewards them 100% fold for all they have sacrificed in order to provide this vital message to an online audience. Sola Deo Gloria!


The Bibliography and the Patriarchy Movement Timeline are also now available online at as well as webpages in development noting the specifics about Bruce Ware's theology, demonstrating his teachings regarding the lesser power/authority of Christ within the Trinity.