Friday, February 29, 2008

The Centrality of Christ and the Quest for the Best Denominational Fit

Having emerged from cultic Christianity, I embarked upon a quest that I never dreamed would be a challenge: the quest for a denomination that best fits my views as a steadfast believer in the principles of Protestantism and the Reformation. No one has a corner on truth, but this has been a great challenge for my family since learning about manipulation from the pulpit.

Not that I am recommending any denomination over any other at this point, following some recent ruminating on the problems I have encountered with many but not all Presbyterians, I found this post to be encouraging and validating. The bottom line is that our faith must be Christ centered and not on anything else. Doctrine divides, but it should never separate us from the Love of God in Christ or Christ crucified!

From "A Presbyterian Comes to Lutheranism: Why?" on Cyberbrethren:

I've been in contact recently with a Presbyterian pastor who has shared with me his deeply moving account of coming to a point where he is on the cusp of a decision about his continued membership in the Presbyterian Church. What is it all about for him? Christ!
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