Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Protesting Patriarchy and Passionate Housewives

With the release of Vision Forum's new publication "Passionate Housewives Desperate For God," the authors have interviewed with both "Family Life Today" and "Revive Our Hearts" to discuss the book and their views about housewives, "patriarchy" style. Stacy McDonald anounced that both she and Jennie Chancey will receive airtime on both of these well-known radio broadcasts on her blog, "Your Sacred Calling."

I sent the following response to both organizations, requesting that they reconsider the broadcasts so as not to lend more notoriety to patriarchy and Vision Forum (not to mention financial gain). At the very least, I asked that those who oppose Vision Forum's concepts of patriarchy be given equal airtime. Since the time that I sent off these requests, I've been in contact with Don Veinot who was more than willing to participate in an on-air interview.

Won't those of you who believe that Vision Forum's version of "Biblical Patriarchy" is spiritually abusive consider protesting these broadcasts as well?

Both sites use a menu driven system for those who choose to email their ministry. I did receive an immediate, automated response from Family Life, and several days later, received a follow-up note to inform me that the matter had been referred to another party. Family Life issued and identifying number to my comment for tracking purposes. I've received some requests from concerned people, requesting a direct email address, but to facilitate response, I recommend that anyone who would likewise wish to contact these ministries to use the system already in place on their website.
To date, I have received no response from Revive Our Hearts and their ministry.>>>>

~~~~~~~~11/02/2007 06:02 PM
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My dear Brethren in Christ,

It has come to my attention that you interviewed both Jennie Chancey and Stacy McDonald concerning their new publication “Passionate Housewives Desperate for God.” Their affiliation with Vision Forum, their publisher, extends beyond the typical relationship between author and publisher. They both enjoy close relationships with the leadership at Vision Forum and zealously embrace the Vision Forum model of “Biblical Patriarchy.” I’m certain that you prayerfully considered featuring this book on your radio broadcast, so I would ask that you also consider presenting the case of those who take issue with their concepts of patriarchy. As I believe that this book represents a legalistic system of religion that is spiritually abusive, I wish that you would consider pulling the interview from consideration for broadcast because of the conferred notoriety that “patriarchy” will receive from inclusion on your broadcast. If this is not a consideration, please do prayerfully consider giving equal airtime to those who have extensively studied their ministries and have followed them for many years within the Homeschooling movement. Many unsuspecting and well-meaning Christians have been culled into their movement and many have suffered terribly.

I would ask that you read a recent publication examining just a few of the many doctrines and teachings of Vision Forum. (I am certain that the author of the article, Don Veinot or perhaps his associate Norm Geisler would be willing to speak on the air.) The Midwest Christian Outreach, Inc., after receiving many calls and inquiries about Vision Forum and its founder (Doug Phillips), researched the issue and published an article entitled
“Who Will Be First in the Kingdom?” (It’s featured as the headline article.) MCO also did a series of blog pieces that followed up on the article which also offer some additional insight into the issue. It was the most requested journal issue in MCOI history and the blog pieces concerning patriarchy have received the greatest response of any other.**Doug Phillips - New Paganism?
**"The Crux" on Vision Forum and Patriarchy
(Blog articles concerning Vision Forum's views on patriarchy and the correspondence between MCOI, Doug Phillips and Brian Abshire.)

Another (brief and easily read) article by Andrew Sandlin (founder of the Center for Cultural Leadership @ www.christianculture.com) entitled
“Hegemonic Patriarchy”. This article (and the one listed above it on the website) were written in response to the 2003 version of the “Tenets of Biblical Patriarchy” which declared the education of children outside the home, the employment of women outside the home and the education of adult women to be sins. This version of the “Tenets” is no longer available because of these obvious inflammatory declarations. It is the belief of many who have left this ideology and the VF system that they continue to demand these moral imperatives of their followers even though they have softened their language within their publications.

This movement is very insidious, as they often seek good ends however their means are often very questionable. I myself attended a church that espoused much of the same ideology as Vision Forum, and I came to learn that many of their practices are in fact spiritually abusive. Please see the monograph on
Spiritual Abuse on the Watchman Fellowship website. They also feature another article of interest.“Biblical patriarchy” is much like the legalistic mandates and moral imperatives that characterize the Romanistic teachings of Bill Gothard, however the Vision Forum advocates are much more aggressive with their Christian brethren than those followers have ever been. They have a well established practice of threatening legal action and intimidating critics through inaccurate neologism, pejorative, moniker and other ad hominem attacks from the pulpit, within local communities and online. Their intolerant ideology prescribes rigid practices of preference for the body of Christ, and exacts aggressive measures for noncompliance in their legalistic demand for purity. Not only is there no grace for noncompliance within the body, but there is great animosity projected at the lost within our fallen culture. Rather than a love for the lost, the Vision Forum camp within patriarchy abstains from culture, preferring a neo-tribalistic if not gnostic model of self-preservation. They are taught to withdraw from culture rather than engage it for Christ.

I beg you to contact me or the Midwest Christian Outreach for further information.
I’m certain that Don Veinot would be willing to speak with you about these matters as well.
Don Veinot
Phone: (630) 627-9028
Midwest Christian Outreach, Inc.
P.O. Box 446
Wonder Lake, IL 60097-0446

Most respectfully and until we all come into true unity of the faith,

Cynthia Kunsman