Sunday, December 13, 2009

Frankenstein Teaches You About Brainwashing

Update: December 12, 2009

Original posted November 30, 2007

Here's yet another list of techniques used to suspend critical thought, surreptitiously getting others to change their thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

The information "Frankenstein" presents derives from Albert Biderman's "Chart of Coercion." Biderman was a contemporary colleague of Robert J. Lifton who also worked with the US Military and the Korean POWs.

Biderman has authored the "The Manipulation of Human Behavior" and this list can be found in his "Report on Torture" to Amnesty International in 1975. I've found two easy-to-read summaries of the Chart on the reFocus website and on this website with resources for people dealing with manipulation in the workplace. Biderman's Chart is also often cited in the literature concerning domestic abuse.

When updating my helpful info in the sidebar, I decided to create something to make this list more readable and memorable. Please browse through the material in the sidebar which makes some of it much easier to read.